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Create Viral Dropshipping Ads with AI

  • Dropshipping ad maker
  • Find viral dropshipping ads
  • Generate dropshipping ad scripts
  • Import any product product and get ads
  • Dropshipping ads for TikTok organic and Instagram reels
  • Glitching’s AI generating an ad script for a dropshipping video ad

    How to Create Ads with AI for Your Shopify Dropshipping Products.

    Dropshipping is all about ads. The more ads you output, the better results and the more you can scale. Our AI will generate viral video ads for dropshipping. And it will even find winning ads from competitors.

    Get dropshipping video ads

    Thanks to AI, the process of getting dropshipping video ads has become so much easier. Simply import your product, and get previous winner ads PLUS viral ad scripts to make your own.

    Best dropshipping video ads

    Glitching’s AI will find the BEST dropshipping video ads for any product. Ensuring your videos go viral and get you sales.

    Create ads with ai

    Our AI will also generate ad scripts for any product on your Shopify store. So you can innovate and be the creator of trends.

    Facebook ads

    Our AI will ensure your ads perform well when running Facebook ads. Waste less money on bad dropshipping ads, and scale faster!

    TikTok Organic

    If you are doing organic dropshipping, then our ad scrip maker is perfect for you. It was trained on viral formulas, ensuring you make your videos also go viral.

    Beginner Friendly

    This is the best AI tool for beginner dropshippers. It will take out the guesswork of bad dropshipping ads and make sure your videos go viral!

    Glitching’s AI finding video ads for dropshipping products to sell on Shopify

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    How to Make Ads for Dropshipping with AI

    Step 1: Choose a dropshipping product

    Use our AI product finder to find winning dropshipping products to sell. Once you have a product ready to sell, then you are ready to make ads.

    Step 2: Head Over to AI Ads

    Inside of Glitching, head over to the AI Ads Maker and import your winning product that you found with our AI. (Keep in mind, you can also upload products from amazon or Aliexpress)

    Step 3: Get Winning Dropshipping Ads

    Now our AI will search for viral ads from your competitors. So you can use for inspiration on your own dropshipping ads!

    Step 4: Get Viral Dropshipping Ad Scripts

    Additionally, our AI will generate viral ad scripts telling you exactly how to make your dropshipping video ad. From what to put on the scene and what to say, our AI will make sure you video ads get results.

    Dropshipping results thanks to AI generated ads
    a high converting ad script to promote your dropshipping product

    Create High Performing Video Ads for Dropshipping with AI

    Glitching’s AI was trained on a database of the top dropshipping ads. It figured out the patterns and formulas of what makes a video ad go viral. Using this data, our AI can now replicate a viral dropshipping video ad for any product you give it.

    AI Dropshipping is making it much easier for beginners with no experience. Get your dropshipping Shopify store up in minutes and start getting sales.

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    Try Glitching risk-free for 30 days.
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    Dropshipping Ads Are Much Easier Thanks to Glitching AI

    Making video ads is always a struggle for beginners. From not knowing how to make a good hook, a persuasive body and a strong CTA → it was always a struggle for rookie dropshippers.

    Now our AI is able to give you infinite ideas for your video ads to make your Shopify product go VIRAL. Even if your a pro dropshippers, our AI will help you test dropshipping products at 100x the speed.

    Forget years of learning ad creating, editing and copywriting. AI is so powerful in 2024, it’s here to do the whole process for you!

    • User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive interface makes it easy for both beginners and experienced dropshippers to navigate and create high converting landing pages.
    • Dropshipping Video Ads: Designed specifically for dropshipping, our AI will generate the best ads to get traffic to your Shopify Store.

    Subscribe today and experience the future of dropshipping efficiency with the best dropshipping tool!

    Dropshipping in One Click

    From start to finish, our AI will do literally everything for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Dropshipping Products Finder

    Q: What is an AI Ads Maker?

    An AI Ads Maker is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create high preforming video ads to promote your dropshipping product. It finds viral ads in your market as well as creating video ad scripts to make from scratch. Start the trend and scale up!

    Q: How does the AI ad maker work?

    Users begin by signing up into Glitching AI platform. Once in, our AI tool is already training on the best performing video ads. So it knows what type of ads you should run and exactly how you can create them - so you can start getting high quality traffic to your Shopify Dropshipping Store.

    Q: Who can benefit from using this tool?

    Both novice and experienced dropshippers can benefit from using the AI Ads Maker. It is designed to be user-friendly while providing advanced tools and insights to streamline the video ad creation process.

    Q: How does the AI help in creating ads for dropshipping?

    Our AI tool uses AI to generate infinite ideas to promote your product. It’s guaranteed to get you more traffic to your Shopify store and get you sales!

    Q: What can I expect to receive in my ads?

    You will receive previous winning video ads from your competitor, as well as brand new ad scripts you can use to create a trend on TikTok and Instagram!You will receive previous winning video ads from your competitor, as well as brand new ad scripts you can use to create a trend on TikTok and Instagram!

    Q: Is there a guide or tutorial available on how to use the tool effectively?

    You will receive a fully built dropshipping business ready for action. All you have to do is watch the included dropshipping course to start making sales.

    Q: Is there a guide or tutorial available on how to use the tool effectively?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive guides and tutorials that help users understand how to identify winning products and make the most out of our tool. Once you sign in on our platform, you can immediately start looking for a course on how to use the platform, ask AI about anything you want, join our Discord Community to learn more in depth, and see our YouTube videos about best tactics, strategies and uses of the platform.

    Q: How do I get started?

    To get started, simply create an account on our platform. From there, you can set your preferences and begin using the tool to find winning products for your dropshipping store.