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What is Digital Dropshipping & How to Make Digital Products

dropshipping productsDaniel Kozlov
20 minute read-July 2, 2024
digital dropshipping

Digital dropshipping is a way of dropship chosen for most people nowadays, those who want to sell products online without stocking them, offering high profit margins and no additional costs.

The best digital products for dropshipping include e-books, software, online courses, digital art, and music.

Entering this world can be challenging if you don't choose the right product based on its niche and costs. That's why we created this guide to help you start from scratch in this vast market. We'll help you select the right products and follow the necessary steps to ensure your success. Let's find out how to dropship digital products!

Key Takeaways about this Article

  • Process of creating Digital Dropshipping products
  • Best digital products to sell - With case studies
  • Strategies, platforms and suppliers for Dropshipping Digital products

Digital Dropshipping

digital dropshipping

This innovative approach has gained popularity in recent years as more entrepreneurs discover the potential of digital products. Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Gumroad and Notion make it easy to set up and manage your digital dropshipping business. This method allows for a smoother and more efficient way to run your business, with instant delivery to your customers

Normal Dropshipping vs Digital Dropshipping

normal vs digital dropshipping

Digital dropshipping offers several advantages over traditional dropshipping. With physical dropshipping, you sell tangible products without holding inventory. You list supplier products in your store, and when purchases are made, the supplier ships directly to customers.

On the other hand, digital dropshipping involves selling intangible products like eBooks, online courses, software, or digital art. This approach eliminates the need for physical inventory, shipping, and warehousing, making your business even more streamlined and efficient.

If you can make it on a device (like a phone or computer), sell it on a device, and use it on a device, it's probably a digital product.

Advantages of Selling Digital Products

what are the advantages of selling digital products

Digital Dropshipping has many advantages over Physical Dropshipping when it comes to selling online products. Here are some of the best benefits:

  • Higher Profit Margins: Dropshipping Digital products offer higher profit margins due to minimal production and distribution costs. Unlike traditional dropshipping's 50-75% gross profit after advertising, digital dropshipping can retain up to 99% of revenue per sale.
  • Instant Delivery: Digital products are delivered instantly, eliminating shipping delays and costs, which enhances customer satisfaction and reduces chargebacks.
  • Simplified Logistics: Dropship Digital products simplifies logistics by eliminating the need to manage suppliers, inventory, shipping, and customs issues. This makes Digital Dropshipping easier for beginners who want to start selling online products.
  • Consistent Quality: Digital products maintain consistent quality, reducing returns and complaints.
  • Easier Scalability: Selling digital products globally is easier and cost-effective, facilitating business growth without logistical challenges.
  • Global Reach: Digital products can be delivered anywhere instantly, providing access to a global market without geographical constraints.
  • Flexibility and Freedom: Manage your business from anywhere with an internet connection, offering greater work flexibility.

How To Create And Sell Digital Products

create and sell digital products

How to Sell Digital Products Online - 6 step guide

  • Do Your Research - Start by researching your market to understand what digital products are in demand. Look for trends, identify your target audience, and analyze your competition to find a niche you can excel in

    We explain this process on our Glitching AI course, where we share screens and teach you exactly how to use the Meta algorithm, to have it make all the work for you.
  • Create Your Digital Product - Once you've identified a gap in the market, create your digital product. This could be an eBook, software (SaaS), online course, or any other digital item that provides value to your audience.
  • Set Up Your Online Store - Use platforms like Shopify, WordPress, or Wix to set up your online store. Ensure your store is set up to receive payments, has a good offer and graphics and is optimized for conversions and providing a good shopping experience.
  • Promote Your Product with Content - Create high-quality content to promote your product online. This could include blog posts, videos, podcasts, or social media posts that highlight the benefits and features of your digital product.
  • Build an Email List - Collect email addresses from potential customers by offering a freebie or a discount. Use email marketing to nurture leads, provide valuable information, and promote your products directly to your audience.
  • Try Paid Advertising - Once you have some organic revenue coming, the next step is to invest in paid advertising to reach a larger audience. Use platforms like Google Ads, MetaAds or other channels (LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.) to target your ideal customers and drive traffic to your online store.
  • So, once you do the research, you may start creating the digital product.

How to Create Digital products

Creating your digital product is easier than you think. With the help of AI, you can create a winning digital product to sell in minutes.

creating digital products to sell

How to Create Digital products

Our first suggestion is to ensure the product you're creating fits a very specific niche and audience. Consider making a bite-sized product like a template, a mini-course, or a guide (don't attempt to create your magnum opus right at the start).

We proud ourselves that Glitching offers everything a beginner dropshipper may need, from information on the course, to the Glitching mode, to connections with reliable and trustworthy suppliers, to even some of the craziest discounts out there, but we managed to do this because we have years of experience.

For your first digital product, we suggest trying something similar to the case studies we cover later in this article.

Utilize AI Tools:

You should use tools like Glitching AI, Canva AI and IIElevenLabs to help you work faster and better. These AI-powered tools are designed to help you bring your digital product ideas to life in minutes. Whether you're looking to create a mini-course, tutorial, or guide, all tools walk you through the process step by step.

How To Make Digital Dropshipping Products

As we mentioned, there are many platforms you can use to create a digital dropshipping product. However, we want to dive deeper into our Glitching AI tool, created from our expertise and experience. This tool provides everything you need to:

  • Find a winning digital product
  • Generate a landing page for it
  • Get the best ideas to make the organic videos and start selling it on Meta and TikTok
  • Scale with paid ads

Creating a digital product is easy with the help of AI. On our Glitching AI platform, you can click a button and, in seconds, get ideas about digital products to sell online. These suggestions come with detailed profit margins, wow factor, market saturation, and product market fit.

how to create a digital product to sell

Once you select your winning digital product, our platform guides you to create a Shopify page to sell it. Additionally, it generates Ad copy and scripts for TikTok and Meta, making your marketing efforts seamless.

digital dropshipping ads

What's more, our platform will analyze the target audience to sell your online product at, so you don't have to. This way, you have anything you need to start selling online just one click away.

digital dropshipping target audience

Options for selling Digital Dropshipping products

Many platforms allow you to sell digital products, making it easy to start your digital dropshipping business. Some are free, while others have a small fee.

These platforms come with features to help you manage your business, like user-friendly interfaces, secure payment gateways, and marketing and analytics tools. They also offer customization options so you can uniquely brand your store.

Digital Dropshipping on Shopify

selling digital products on shopify

With the highest-converting checkout and flexible options for every size of business, Shopify stores sell more products, lower your costs, and save you time.

Between the many pros Shopify has to sell digital products, we highlight its infrastructure, its checkout (that convert a whole 15% better on average than other ecommerce platforms), and that Glitching integrates directly to it to generate store headlines, product descriptions, chat replies, and blog posts that sell.

In simple, you can start your store in four easy steps:

  • Open a Shopify store and select a free theme
  • Create a product on Shopify dashboard
  • Add your pricing and deselect physical product
  • Add product delivery automation via an App

However, to dropship digital products on Shopify, you need to adapt your Shopify website a bit.

  • Install digital download app
  • While it is an all-powerful eCommerce platform, Shopify doesn't have a native digital product upload functionality.

    Take a look at our main app recommendations for selling digital products on Shopify:

    shopify auto fulfill digital products

    Once you settle on your preferred option, install it, pick a plan and let's get to work.

  • Add digital products to your Shopify store
  • Use the app Filemonk to add digital products to your Shopify Store.

  • Disable shipping for digital products
  • Now that we have our digital product available for download, let's disable shipping.

    • Go to "Products" and select the product page with the digital download.
    • Scroll down to the Shipping section and select Digital product or service, then click Save.
  • Set up email templates
  • After the purchase, your customers will receive your product download links straight to their email. You may take this opportunity and create memorable email templates for them.

  • Optimize product pages for search
  • Your digital products are good to go, now let's make sure people can find them. Shopify digital product page optimization isn't all that much different from the regular ones. For a well-ranking Shopify digital product page, you need:

    • Optimized Shopify meta title and description
    • Informative and captivating Shopify product descriptions
    • Optimized Shopify product images that look stunning too
    • Relevant image alt text (you want to rank in image search too)
  • Promote your products
  • Organic search optimization is a long-term game, but you're also eager for the world to see your new digital products asap. Some ways to promote your digital products immediately:

    • Email campaigns.
    • Social media
    • Organize a giveaway

Digital Dropshipping on Pinterest

digital Dropshipping on Pinterest

Pinterest isn't just another social media platform, it's a visual search engine and a powerful tool for driving traffic and sales. This makes it the perfect platform to showcase your digital products, as Pinterest users are actively looking for inspiration and ideas.

If your target audience is older and affluent women 25-to-34-year-old age group, or Gen Z users, this platform is your best option to start selling digital products. Gen Z users now make up 42% of the user base, and women dominate its landscape accounting for over 60% of its global audience.

pinterest target audience

What's even better about Pinterest, is it ranks as the 14th largest social network globally. With a staggering 445 million monthly active users, it's a bustling platform brimming with potential customers.

Shopping features about Pinterest will benefit you

Brands with a business Pinterest account can upload their products using Catalog. Merchants who do so earn five times more impressions than brands that don't add products.

How to set up a Pinterest business account:

To start selling on Pinterest, you'll need a Pinterest business profile. Your business account gives you access to the Pinterest Ads platform, allows you to set up profiles and permissions for staff, and lets you integrate your online store to use shopping features.

There are three ways to create a Pinterest business account:

  • Create an account from scratch
  • Add a business profile to your existing profile
  • Convert your personal account to a business account

Optimize your Pinterest account

Optimizing your account is the first step to getting started with Pinterest marketing. This will help increase your Pinterest visibility and drive traffic to your website.

Getting your Pinterest seen by the right audience requires adding the right keywords to your Pinterest profile name & bio, pin title & description, Pinterest board title, and descriptions, etc.

  • Create relevant boards
  • In addition to forums about the products you sell, you created relevant boards to drive traffic to your Pinterest profile.

    Pinterest gives you insights into trends if you set up a business account:

    pinterest trends
  • Publish regularly
  • By sharing regularly, you tell the algorithm that you are an active user. Therefore, the algorithm highlights your posts more on any social media platform and you can reach more users.

  • Analyze your pins
  • By analyzing the most viewed pins on the dashboard, you are able to understand what your community is interested in. It's a really useful way to optimize posts and find a niche to focus on (if you already did not select it).

    pinterest business analytics
  • Advertise wisely
  • Once you analyze who your customer base is, it's easy to set up ads and get returns quickly.

    pinterest fulfillment method

    Best Tactics to Sell Digital Products through Pinterest

  • Link Pins on Pinterest to Blog Posts
  • This way of selling Digital Products through Pinterest is one of our favorites. Think about this: you made a blog talking about how to create Pinterest images, and for that you also suggest people to use the template you made (that is the digital product you are trying to sell). In this blog, you talk about the importance of good Pinterest images, and what's even better, you also give them the solution: the digital template.

    pinterest pin templates

    So basically, what you are doing is: in your Pinterest Business profile, you post about what you are going to teach them, and you pin that post with your blog where you also sell your digital product.

  • Leverage Pinterest with Video Pins to sell your Digital Products
  • Videos are a super powerful tool to sell products since people love to watch videos. So reposting your Tiktok/Reels videos on Pinterest is also a feasible strategy.

Digital Dropshipping on Twitter

Twitter, known for its quick news updates and niche communities , might not be the first place you think of for selling products. But with over 200 million daily active users and a growing number of e-commerce features, it's turning into a surprisingly powerful sales channel for smart businesses.

Twitter recently rolled out a new creator studio that has tons of new features, one of them being the ability to monetize tweets and videos.

All you have to do is visit the media studio and apply to check your eligibility. After that, just adjust a few settings, like the types of ads you want with your content. You'll start earning money when ads play before your videos or tweets.

digital dropshipping on twitter

Note: on Twitter, digital products tend to work best for educational content (fitness coaching, photography, cooking, etc.).

Step-by-step of How to Sell digital Products on Twitter

  • Make your profile shoppable:
  • First things first, turn your Twitter profile into a mini-storefront. Upload high-quality content photos, craft good threads, and make the most of Twitter's micro-communities to farm engagement.

  • Master the art of the tweet:
  • Twitter thrives on engaging, informative, and visually appealing content. Create tweets that showcase your offer’s unique benefits, address your audience's problems, and share compelling brand stories.

    Use Your Competitor’s Strength: Studying your competitors is the best place to increase followers. List your closest direct competitors and search for them using the Twitter search option. Analyze what people are saying about your competitors.

  • Target your tweets with laser precision:
  • Twitter's advanced search features are a marketer's dream. Use them to find potential customers interested in your products. Search for relevant keywords, trends, and even usernames of influencers in your niche.

    • Build targeted Twitter Lists
    • Engage in relevant conversations.
  • Don't underestimate the power of paid advertising
  • Twitter Ads can be a game-changer for reaching a wider audience and driving targeted sales.

    • Promote your tweets
    • Run targeted ad campaigns
    digital dropshipping twitter ads

    We mostly use X Ads for retargeting, because it has very cheap impressions for now.

  • Provide seamless checkout experience:
  • Once you've hooked your audience with captivating tweets, make sure the purchase process is smooth and effortless.

    • Integrate with a reliable e-commerce platform
    • Offer multiple payment options
    • Optimize your checkout for minimal friction
  • Create Short Tweetable Content in Your Blog Posts
  • Integrating Twitter with your blogging strategy is a highly effective way to attract referral traffic, make your content viral and attract new followers.

    Adding the simple “click to tweet” option within your content can drastically improve the number of tweets your blog posts generate and the referral traffic that you can get as a result of it.

  • Tweet At The Right Times of the Day
  • Things happen very quickly on Twitter. So in order to get noticed, you need to time your tweets to perfection. Tweet during the most relevant, high traffic and high engagement hours of the day.

    Studies suggest that Saturday and Sunday attract the highest user engagement on Twitter. The peak engagement hours are 9 a.m., noon, 3 p.m., and 6 p.m

Digital Dropshipping on Notion

how to sell notion templates

Notion is a productivity and workflow app that lets companies and individuals create versatile digital workspaces. Since its relaunch in 2018, Notion has become a popular workflow tool for businesses and individuals, helping manage tasks of all sizes

Notion offers various organizational tools, including task management and project tracking for businesses, and comprehensive note-taking, list-making, and bookmarking tools for individuals to keep track of their daily lives.

What to sell on Notion?

Notion is a place where creators of all niches and skill levels can create Notion templates and sell them online. Notion template is a page or a set of pages that are publicly shared on Notion, and that can be duplicated and customized by other users.

Notion templates can contain lists, tables, and images.

Like other digital products, Notion templates only need to be created and uploaded once. From there, these templates can be purchased and downloaded an endless number of times.

Because they require such low production efforts and virtually zero overhead, Notion templates are a great way to earn a passive income online.

    Here are some of the most popular Notion templates to get the gears turning:

  • Budget planners
  • Habit trackers
  • Workout planners
  • Meal planners
  • Daily journals
  • Travel planners
  • Creative briefs
  • Student dashboards
  • Reading lists
  • Content calendars
  • Moodboards
  • Product launch planners
  • Meeting notes
  • Project roadmaps

How to sell Notion templates?

  • Research your competition
  • Research is always the first step when creating a new product. Before building your Notion template, investigate what your competitors are doing.

    First, ensure there's a significant gap in the market for your template. You don't want to waste time on a template that already exists. Consider adding unique tools and features that competitors haven't thought of to give you an edge.

  • Build, test, and design your template
  • Now it’s time to create your template! After building out the template’s main tools, be sure to test them out to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Add instructions
  • By nature, some templates are more intuitive and easy-to-use than others. No matter how simple your template is, you’ll want to include a list of instructions that walk your buyer through using it.

  • Publish your template
  • Once you’ve finished creating your Notion template, tap the save button at the top right corner of the app. Then, toggle on the “Share to Web” button. Once you’ve shared your template, you’ll see another set of toggle buttons where you should ensure that:

    • “Allow Editing” is off.
    • “Allow comments” is off. (Unless you’d like your customers to leave comments and feedback on your template.)
    • “Allow duplicate as template” is on. (This allows your customers to save their own copy of the template.)
    • Search engine indexing is off. (So that your template won’t appear publicly on the internet. - If you are creating a lead magnet then that’s okay)
  • Create a PDF
  • Think of this PDF as the packaging for your template. This PDF is what customers will purchase as a digital download from your web shop. It should include:

    • A link to your Notion template.
    • A set of instructions on how to use the template (unless these instructions are included within the template itself.)
    • A general terms of use (here, you should remind your customers not to share your template link publicly.)
  • Set up an online store
  • Now, you need a place to sell your template. Once you've set up your online storefront, upload your PDF as a digital download, set your price, and watch the sales roll in.

    Choose a platform that fits your budget and personal preference—just ensure it supports selling digital products.

Digital Dropshipping on Gumroad

digital dropshipping on gumroad

For those looking to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey on a less saturated platform, consider selling on Gumroad. Offering an easy-to-use interface and a smooth sales process that is hard to beat, the platform is fast becoming a favorite among creators

Gumroad is an e-commerce platform where anyone can buy or sell products or services.

    Some digital products you can sell on Gumroad include:

  • Music
  • Online courses and videos
  • Printables
  • Digital art
  • E-books
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Templates

How to start Selling Digital Products on Gumroad

  • Do your research
  • Just like any other business, you can only make money on Gumroad if you sell what people actually want to buy. Visualize your target audience, your winning product and your competitors.

  • Create a landing page for your product
  • One of the great things about Gumroad is that it allows you to create a landing page for your product for free. It has a flexible page editor that lets you set up a storefront and customize your site's colors to match your branding.

  • Price your products accordingly
  • When setting the price for a product, make sure it's affordable for your target audience. Fortunately, Gumroad allows creators to be flexible with their pricing.

  • Promote your Gumroad store
  • If people can't find your store, you won't make money on Gumroad. Gumroad provides tools for promoting your products and services across various platforms, but it's up to you to create awareness for your offers on those platforms.

  • Take advantage of Gumroad’s features
  • Since its launch, Gumroad has continuously added features to help shoppers easily find, review, and purchase products. Here are two key features to know about:

    • Gumroad Discover:This feature allows Gumroad to list your products as “recommended” to customers who have just made a purchase.
    • Tags:Gumroad’s tags help buyers filter search results to find what they're looking for.
  • Recruit product affiliates (or be one yourself)
  • One of Gumroad’s best features is the ability to use affiliates to promote your products. Affiliates, such as industry experts, influencers, and content creators, agree to promote your products to their audience in exchange for a percentage of the sale.

  • Automate your follow-up email sequences
  • Gumroad offers a GDPR-compliant feature called “Workflows” that allows you to send follow-up emails to your customers and target audience. These emails can help you generate more sales and increase customer retention.

  • Sell multiple products in the same niche
  • Gumroad is flexible enough to let you offer various products across different categories. However, it's more effective to focus on what you're good at and offer multiple products within that niche.

Benefits of using Gumroad for Selling Digital Products

  • Easy setup
  • Secure payments
  • International sales
  • Analytics and insights
  • Customization

Best Way To Sell Digital Products

As we've seen, there are many different channels to sell digital products, each requiring different strategies and efforts. They also have different TAM (total addressable market), meaning you might easily sell a few hundred on one channel but struggle to scale.

On the other hand, some channels may be tough to start with and gain visibility (e.g., YouTube), but once you get views, your income can skyrocket quickly.

Ultimately, it depends on your style and skill set. Johnny prefers Shopify, but other members from Glitching prefer custom websites or other CMSs. Take your time to explore all the possibilities and don't be afraid to try them all. Once you find your favorite, the process becomes easier.

Best Selling Digital Products

Ebook Ideas for Dropshipping

E-books are popular digital products for creators and consumers. They are easy to produce with just text and images, and AI tools like ChatGPT simplify the process. For instance, you can ask ChatGPT to create an eBook on dropshipping and get comprehensive sections ready to use. Then make it better with Figma or Photoshop so it looks better.

E-Books are a highly profitable digital dropshipping product, since in 2021, eBook market revenue grew by $1.3 billion to over $16.1 billion. According to Statista Digital Market Outlook, this trend will likely continue, with revenue expected to reach $18.7 billion by 2026.

best selling digital products

What to make my eBook about?

The best part of dropshipping ebooks, is you can make an ebook about anything you want. Can be about entertainment, can be a novel, can be informative about a subject you know about, etc.

Some ideas to make an ebook about:

  • Fiction Digital Products
    • Novels
    • Short Stories.
    • Children's Books
  • Non-Fiction Digital Products
    • Self-Help
    • Biography/Autobiography
    • Health and Fitness
    • Cooking
  • Educational Digital Products
    • Textbooks
    • How-To Guide
    • Language Learning
  • Business and Finance Digital Products
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Investing
    • Career Development
  • Technology Digital Products
    • Programming
    • Gadgets and Tech Trends
  • Hobbies and Interests Digital Products
    • Travel
    • Photography
    • Art and Creativity
  • Lifestyle Digital Products
    • Fashion and Beauty
    • Home Improvement
    • Parenting
  • Specialized Niche Digital Products
    • Pet Care
    • Sustainability
    • Spirituality
  • Entertainment Digital Products
    • Movie/TV Show Guides
    • Music

What’s even more exciting is that we can translate the eBooks we sell to cater to major worldwide markets. By targeting these developed markets, we can adjust our prices based on the local standards.

How to Design an Ebook

To make a good and winning eBook you need to make it with appealing visuals and a professional layout.

Lucky for you, Glitching just came out with their AI Digital Dropshipping Tool. This makes your entire eBook content and design with a couple buttons.

how to make digital products

Case Studies about Dropshipping Ebooks

Case Study “Premium Dog” eBook - Digital Dropshipping

best selling digital products
  • Niche: Pet Industry
  • What they offer:
    • -Gain expert advice to choose the best dog for you.
    • -Learn how to prepare your home for a new dog.
    • -Find out how to keep your dog super-healthy.
    • -Give your dog the best possible name.
  • Price: In this particular case, the Premium Dog eBook has a huge profit margin. This ebook is being sold for $29.95, while the cost of making it is essentially $0, apart from the time spent creating it and running ads to get sales.
  • Platform they are using: Shopify
  • Analysis (what makes them successful/why is a smart product):

With many colorful images, easy-to-read content, and an interesting topping and well-chosen audience, this eBook is a huge winning product for digital dropshipping.

They not only created a visually appealing eBook, but also it goes over many different topics that people who like dogs may want to know more about.
So, they chose the audience and studied what their necessities were. Once they did their research, they built a book covering all those topics people are interested about and probably their competitors aren't covering.

Case Study “Landing Page Cookbook” eBook - Digital Dropshipping

best selling digital products
  • Niche: Marketers and Designers
  • What they offer:
    • Landing page creation process
    • Step-by-step system that guides you to better results
    • -A quick guide showing you why that ingredient matters.
    • -A catalog of patterns and examples (over 128 patterns and 500+ examples in the book) you can easily reuse for your own landing page, taken from some of the most beautiful and successful pages around.
  • Price: This ebook is being sold for $39, while the cost of making it is essentially $0, apart from the time spent creating it and running ads to get sales.
  • Platform they are using: Gumroad
  • Analysis (what makes them successful/why is a smart product):

This guy called David Oudiette created the eBook based on a topic he knows about, since it is one of the services he offers. He had the idea of making their clients understand the process besides the changes he suggested to make about Landing Pages.

Between some of the strategies he used are:

  • -Organic traffic through blog posts, where he uses Thrive Leads to offer either a content upgrade or a general site-wide opt-in offer.
  • -A nurturing automation for new subscribers to his email list, asking about their landing pages.
  • -Going through online forums such as Quora and Reddit answering requests for feedback or advice on landing pages, and suggesting the book as additional help
  • -Adding the book to ProductHunt, a user curated website for sharing new products

Ideas for Dropshipping Digital Courses (not your normal courses)

Selling online courses has many advantages that make them a profitable product for dropshipping. Among the many pros is the fact that the online learning industry is growing fast, and with more people looking to acquire new skills or knowledge, the market for online courses is large and keeps expanding.

Unlike physical products, online courses have minimal production and distribution costs. Once created, the course can be sold repeatedly without significant additional expenses.

What’s more, online courses can be easily updated or expanded. You can add new modules or create new courses to keep your content fresh and relevant. The scalability of digital products allows you to reach a global audience without the limitations of physical logistics.

Cases Studies about Digital Dropshipping Courses

Case Study “Canva Crash Course” Course - Digital Dropshipping

best selling digital products
  • Niche: Marketers and Designers
    • -Learn Canva FAST
    • -How-To Guide
    • -Canva Course Templates
    • -Crash Course
    • -MRR Resell Rights Master
    • -PLR Digital Marketing
    • -Made-For-You Products.
  • Price: This course is being sold for only 12 dollars. The cost of making this course was probably ~$100, and they get to sell it over and over again, essentially $0 marginal cost.
  • Platform they are using: Etsy
  • Analysis (what makes them successful/why is a smart product):

If you're looking for interesting products to dropship online, the Canva Course for dropshipping on Etsy is a great example.

The creators researched market needs and created a detailed course covering all the topics their audience needs to know about Canva (a super useful tool if you are a Marketer or Designer). They not only chose an engaging topic but also crafted an illustrative, colorful course packed with tools and resources. Anyone interested in learning about Canva will find everything they need in this eBook, so this way they are solving many problems people may have about a famous app many of them probably use.

Case Study “Course Builder” Course - Digital Dropshipping

notion templates
  • Niche: Educational
  • What they offer:
    • -Create your course with the template
    • -Teach the courses within Notion.
    • -Design the course as you preferred.
    • -Documents, video lessons, and a YouTube Tutorial are included.
  • Price: This course is being sold for $29.00.
  • Platform they are using: Notion
  • Analysis (what makes them successful/why is a smart product):

Many people choose Notion templates to sell digital courses. This Notion Course Template can be used by employers to train and onboard new employees, as well as by companies or service providers to onboard new clients.

The template includes documents, video lessons, and a YouTube tutorial. Using a template like this makes course creation easy, simple, and very organized.

Marketing Strategies for Digital Dropshipping

To attract customers and grow your digital dropshipping business, you'll need to implement effective marketing strategies, such as:

  • Social Media Marketing: Build a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, where you can showcase your digital products and connect with your target audience.
  • Content Marketing: Create valuable content, like blog posts and videos, that educates, entertains, or inspires your audience. This can help drive organic traffic and establish your brand as an authority in your niche.
  • Email Marketing: Collect email addresses from your website visitors and send them targeted, engaging emails that promote your digital products and nurture customer relationships.
  • Influencer Marketing: Partner with influencers in your niche who can promote your digital products to their followers, increasing your brand exposure and credibility.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize your website and content for search engines like Google to increase your visibility in search results. Basic Shopify SEO can help you get started with optimizing your Shopify store.
  • Paid Advertising: Utilize platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads to reach a larger audience and drive targeted traffic to your digital dropshipping store.

Choosing the Right Digital Product Suppliers

Working with reliable suppliers is crucial for the success of your digital dropshipping business. Here are some factors to consider when selecting suppliers:

  • Product Quality: Ensure that the digital products you offer are high-quality and meet your customers' expectations.
  • High Value: It's important that the product creates enough value for the customer to justify a price point above ~$40. Below this, it will be hard to acquire customers at a profitable level (with paid ads)
  • Supplier Reliability: Choose suppliers who are dependable and consistently deliver digital products on time and without issues.
  • Communication: Establish strong communication channels with your suppliers to address any potential problems quickly and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Dropshipping

-What is Digital Dropshipping?

Digital dropshipping is a business model perfect for you if you want to sell products online without stocking them, offering high profit margins and no additional costs. It involves selling intangible products like eBooks, online courses, software, or digital art.

-How does digital dropshipping work?

To sell Digital Products (intangible products) you just need to find a niche and audience who will be interested in that product (do some research), create the product as goods as possible (visually appealing, interesting, high quality), and then choose the best platforms to sell it. This process may cost $0 to you, besides time and ads to promote them.

-Why Is Selling Digital Products Better Than Physical DropShipping?

Digital dropshipping offers several advantages over traditional dropshipping. This approach eliminates the need for physical inventory, shipping, and warehousing, making your business even more streamlined and efficient.

-What are the advantages of selling digital products?

The advantages of selling digital products are:

  • Higher Profit Margins
  • Instant Delivery
  • Simplified Logistics
  • Consistent Quality
  • Easier Scalability
  • Global Reach
  • Flexibility and Freedom

-How to get Shopify to Auto Fulfill digital products?

Shopify auto fulfill digital products process is easy:

  • -Using Shopify's Built-in Settings
    • Add Digital Product.
    • Set Up Auto Fulfillment.
    • Enable Automatic Fulfillment.
  • -Using a Digital Product App
  • For better management and delivery of digital products, consider using an app like Shopify Digital Downloads, SendOwl, or FetchApp. Here’s how you can do it with Shopify’s Digital

    Downloads app:

    • Install the Digital Downloads App.
    • Upload Your Digital Product.
    • Configure Automatic Fulfillment.
  • -Final Steps
    • Test Your Setup
    • Monitor and Adjust.

-How to make a digital product?

There are many platforms you can use to create a digital dropshipping product. However, suggest you our Glitching AI tool, created from our expertise and experience. This tool provides everything you need to:

  • - Find a winning digital product
  • - Receive suggested ads to sell it on Meta and TikTok once it's ready

Creating a digital product is easy with the help of AI. On our Glitching AI platform, you can click a button and, in seconds, get suggested digital products to sell online. These suggestions come with detailed profit margins, wow factor, market saturation, and product market fit.

Once you select your winning digital product, our platform guides you to create a Shopify page to sell it. Additionally, it generates Ad copy and scripts for TikTok and Meta, making your marketing efforts seamless.

What's more, our platform will analyze the target audience to sell your online product at, so you don't have to. This way, you have anything you need to start selling online just one click away.

-Is digital dropshipping legit?

Yes! Whether you already own an eCommerce venture or are looking to start a business in the space, dropshipping offers a low barrier to entry and less risk than traditional retail. As long as you work with trustworthy suppliers to guarantee product quality, it remains a legitimate eCommerce business model.

-Can you make money selling digital products

Absolutely! We, along with hundreds of other Glitching members, have made money by selling digital products and downloads online. The key is to find the best digital products to sell and stick with them until you start making your first thousands.

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