Top 16 Most Famous & Richest Dropshippers in The World
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Top 16 Most Famous Dropshippers in The World

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dropshipping productsDaniel Kozlov
9 minute read-June 27, 2024

To really kill it in the dropshipping game, it’s not enough just to find a killer product and make good ads to go viral. You’ve got to put in the time and effort to make everything work together like a finely tuned machine: Meta Ads, Klaviyo email flow, Organic Reels, and a fine store and product page.

But here’s a pro tip: If you learn about the world’s most famous dropshippers, how they rose to fame and earned their millions. It will allow your mind to see future patterns and help you spot your next big opportunity. These guys not only achieved significant wealth through dropshipping, but also shaped the industry. Find out about the stories of how they have achieved millions in sales, and how you can do it too.

Key Takeaways from this guide

• How the most successful dropshippers have made multi-million dollar businesses.

• The different paths to dropshipping success, from strategic product selection to leveraging social media ads.

• How to scale your dropshipping business, while utilizing savvy marketing and solid branding.

•The importance of perseverance and consistency.

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Stories of Millionaire Dropshippers That Will Inspire You

These top dropshippers are currently the most famous worldwide thanks to their dropshipping strategies and being open in Social Media. All of them started from scratch, providing a powerful example that anyone can achieve success, despite not coming from wealth.

It's important that you see how many of the world’s richest dropshippers have turned their initial struggles and difficulties into stepping stones toward significant ecom success. Their journeys demonstrate the resilience required to break free from the matrix.

Faced with challenges like unpredictable suppliers, tight profit margins after ad costs, and aggressive competition, these entrepreneurs did not stop or gave up. Instead, they embraced the hustle that allowed them to reach financial success. They leveraged tools like social media advertising, targeted email campaigns, and optimized SEO practices to drive traffic and convert sales.

They also focused on creating good customer service experiences and building robust support systems, ensuring that customer satisfaction drove repeat purchases and organic growth (increasing LTV and reducing CAC). Their ability to adapt to changing Meta policies, algorithm behaviors, and advertising conditions has set them apart, showing us that success in dropshipping, much like in any venture, requires both perseverance and consistency

6 Dropshipping Millionaire Stories: From Rag to Riches

JohnnyFast and Stephen: The Best Dropshippers

The Founders of Ai Dropshiping

JohnnyFast and Stephen are millionaires dropshippers who have built successful businesses over the years, starting in 2018. With a visionary approach, they rapidly scaled their e-commerce endeavors, surpassing the impressive milestone of $10 million in sales. They have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, which is what took them to create this famous platform called “Glitching AI”.

On their platform you’ll find a course where they personally guide you on how to use every tool available on there to kick off your own successful dropshipping business, using the most up to date strategies and AI. They´ve also developed some nifty tools like the AI Product Finder and our AI Ad Script Generator tool, designed to streamline your process and save you loads of time.

So, if you're ready to dive in, we've got all the resources you need right here. As we've navigated these waters already and made it through, we want to guide you every step of the way. We’ll go over the stories of some of the most successful dropshippers and explore the steps and tools they used to get there, which is a great way to kickstart your learning and set you on the path to success.

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JohnnyFast Success

JohnnyFast from Glitching

Johnny is a famous dropshipper who has achieved $79,000 in a day with dropshipping. He also has a store which has 53.4 million in revenue right now. JohnnyFast has a famous YouTube channel, where he started as a pro LOL player. He built a community of people who followed him through his steps, and since he transitioned to Dropshipping, his community keeps following him in the new business. They are who can assure JohnnyFast started from scratch, knowing anything about Dropshipping, and he became one of the best dropshippers ever existed. Soon, his YouTube channel will be 100% into business, so you not only can learn about dropshipping with the Glitching AI platform and Discord, but also by watching Case Studies from one of the best dropshippers in the world.

JohnnyFast is the founder of Glitching AI, a platform that uses AI to make the dropshipping process easier. Both JohnnyFast and Stephen have a lot of experience in the dropshipping business, so they made this platform so you don't have to go through the same hurdles they did.

Stephen Success

Stephen from Glitching

Stephen is also one of the most famous Dropshippers, who has earned $90,000 in a single day in this business. One of the stores he is actively running is around 3.4 million dollars and growing.

Stephen is also the co-founder of Glitching AI, where he empowers others to achieve similar success. Actively engaging and sharing valuable content on Discord and Twitter, Stephen has become an influential figure for many newcomers to the business. His extensive expertise in the field has established him as a trusted authority in dropshipping, making his guidance highly sought after by aspiring entrepreneurs.

Within the platform, there are several case studies created by Stephen. These case studies serve as practical examples, making it easier for users to grasp effective strategies and best practices in the dropshipping business. By showcasing real-world applications and outcomes, these studies provide valuable insights into what works well and how to achieve success in the industry.

Sebastian Ghiorghiu: From $1k to Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Sebastian Ghiorghiu famous dropshipper

Sebastian Ghiorghiu's path to becoming a dropshipping millionaire is all about sticking with it and playing it smart. He kicked things off with his first store making just $35,000, but quickly spotted more hot niches and picked products that people really wanted. That set the stage for the big bucks to come in.

But what really pushed Sebastian to the top wasn't just his choice of products; it was his killer marketing game. He made the most of Facebook ads and got savvy with SEO to boost his store's profile. This led to a major jump in sales and helped him build his multi-million dollar business. Sebastian's story shows just how far you can go with the right marketing moves in dropshipping.

Want to make it like Sebastian? Check out our list of the top dropshipping products for 2024. We've got everything sorted so you can start dropshipping with the best products out there.

Harry Coleman: Beast of Ecom

Dropshipping millionaire Harry Coleman

Harry Coleman’s entry into the world of dropshipping started with a simple idea: selling nail products online. In 2016, he launched his first dropshipping store with an AliExpress supplier, focusing on a specific niche that he believed had potential. But his vision didn’t stop there. After his initial success with nail products, he transitioned to managing multiple general stores, expanding his product range and reaching a wider audience.

Coleman’s go-to strategy for pulling in traffic and sales was leveraging Facebook ads. By testing products and promoting them on Facebook, he watched his daily profits soar to $10,000, racking up a total of $5 million in revenue around 2018. Coleman’s journey really shows the power of carving out niche markets and using social media marketing to rocket to dropshipping success.

Scott Hilse

photo of Scott Hilse from famous dropshippers list

Scott Hilse started his dropshipping journey with just one product: an iPhone case. Initially, it only made a few sales, and due to his lack of skills in Facebook ads, he decided to shut the store down after a couple of weeks. Following that, he moved to LA and started driving for Uber.

While driving around LA, Scott couldn’t stop thinking about the potential of his initial idea and felt a strong pull to give it another go. Trusting his gut, he reactivated his store with the same single product and setup but decided to dive deeper into learning Facebook ads this time.

Today, that decision paid off big time. He turned that once-quiet iPhone case store into a booming business, generating over six figures in sales. Not only that, he's also shared his knowledge with over 3,400 people through his course, teaching them the ropes of focusing on just one product. He then bought a BMW i8.

Vlad Biaheza

photo of Vlad Biaheza from famous dropshippers list

Vlad Biaheza, better known as Biaheza, is a US-based entrepreneur, YouTuber, and social media influencer famous for his deep dive into e-commerce and social media content. His YouTube channel is a hotspot for videos on internet marketing, dropshipping, day trading, and more. He’s also been spotlighted in "Kings of the Internet" (2022) and "Top 22 Internet Millionaires" (2015).

Biaheza's online empire began with building and growing Instagram profiles, where he made money by selling posts and stories placements, through sponsorships. He was smart enough to realize that he didn’t need to sell his placements, but rather could use his own pages to advertise his own ecom stores. That’s how he started dropshipping, before even being old enough to drive.

Biaheza has videos that show beginners how to build a store and market it through Tik Tok ads. As Facebook ads got more strict, expensive and less effective, a lot of dropshippers have silently moved over to TikTok.

At Glitching you can find our dropshipping course where we teach you how to set up your own online store on Shopify, what winning products to sell, and how to create your marketing plan so that your dropshipping business plan is a success.

4 Most Famous Dropshippers Worldwide

Sarah Chrisp

photo of Sarah Chrisp from famous dropshippers list

Sarah Chrisp is the owner and creator of Wholesale Ted, a YouTube channel where she has tutorials, tips, and strategies for growing e-commerce businesses using platforms like Shopify, Etsy and suppliers from AliExpress, Printify and Printful.

Known for her deep expertise in e-commerce, especially dropshipping and online entrepreneurship, Sarah's content spans a wide array of topics from product research and niche selection to store setup, marketing tactics, and fulfillment methods.

Her approach on Wholesale Ted is all about clarity and honesty. She gives practical advice that draws on her own experiences as an e-commerce entrepreneur, making her a trusted figure in the community. This transparent method has won her a large following, with many viewers valuing her detailed tutorials and step-by-step guides as indispensable tools for aspiring online business owners.

Nathan Nazareth

photo of Nathan Nazareth from famous dropshippers list

Nathan Nazareth is a well-known figure in the dropshipping community, celebrated for his entrepreneurial success and educational efforts. He began his journey in e-commerce at a young age and quickly gained traction by building multiple successful dropshipping stores.

His ventures have generated significant revenue, with one of his stores reportedly making $6.5 million in revenue and $1.3 million in profit.

Nathan has also leveraged social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok to grow his brand and share his knowledge. His YouTube channel has amassed millions of views, contributing to his earnings through ad revenue and promoting his educational content.
He founded Outright Ecom, an educational platform offering mentorship and resources for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Nazareth emphasizes the importance of creating original content for marketing and advises using platforms like TikTok for their high organic reach and potential for virality. His approach includes using user-generated content and influencer partnerships to create authentic and engaging ads.

Armann Menon

photo of Armann Menon from famous dropshippers list

Amann Memon is an online entrepreneur who turned a simple idea into a $16,000 per month dropshipping business in just 30 days, starting from scratch. What was his secret? He tapped into the power of free traffic from TikTok to boost his dropshipping venture. (At Glitching we use this strategy as well, and our Ai Ad Script generator will help you do the same)

Intrigued by ecom gurus on TikTok flaunting their e-commerce earnings, Amann decided to explore the potential of the platform for himself. By smartly leveraging TikTok, he not only entered the world of e-commerce but also quickly transformed his dropshipping idea into a highly profitable business.

Jordan Welch - The Millionaire Millennial

Most richest dropshippers

Jordan Welch, also known as "The Millionaire Millennial," is a standout personality in the dropshipping and e-commerce sectors, particularly on YouTube. He rose to fame with his insightful content on Shopify dropshipping and online entrepreneurship.

His YouTube channel is a treasure of information, offering tutorials, case studies, and motivational videos designed to assist entrepreneurs in launching and growing their e-commerce ventures.

A distinctive element of Welch's methodology is his emphasis on mindset and stoicism, alongside solid business advice. He advocates for the importance of persistence, resilience, and ongoing learning as critical components for achieving success.

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4 Richest Dropshippers In The World

In the fast-paced Idropshipping industry, several entrepreneurs have transformed their modest stores into multi-million dollar enterprises. These top dropshippers have overcome numerous challenges in the ecommerce landscape through sheer determination and a deep understanding of how to sell products online effectively.

Their success stories provide crucial insights into the dropshipping world, showcasing how innovative and strategic thinking can evolve a simple online store into a thriving, sustainable business. This success often hinges on choosing the right dropshipping platform, which plays a critical role in facilitating their growth and scalability.

Hayden Bowles

who is hayden bowles dropshipping

Hayden Bowles is a prominent figure in the dropshipping and e-commerce community, especially known for his expertise on YouTube. He specializes in Shopify dropshipping and online marketing strategies like TikTok Shop.

His YouTube channel offers a diverse array of content related to dropshipping, optimizing Shopify stores, Facebook advertising, and other aspects of online entrepreneurship. Bowles is celebrated for his in-depth tutorials, case studies, and insights into effective marketing tactics that empower individuals to establish successful e-commerce businesses.

Like many influencers in this space, Bowles shares his personal experiences, both successes and setbacks, to provide actionable advice to his audience. He stresses the importance of testing and tweaking strategies to discover what best suits each business.

Tanner Planes

Digital Dropshippers Who they are

Tanner Planes is a notable figure in the dropshipping community, recognized for his success as an e-commerce entrepreneur and influencer. He began his journey in 2017 by building his first e-commerce store and has since developed a significant online presence, including over 140,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he shares business tutorials, personal blogs, and finance advice.

One of Tanner's prominent ventures is his "Digital Dropshipping Mastery" course, which focuses on selling digital products like eBooks and PDFs. This program teaches students how to find private label rights (PLR) products, bundle them, and sell them at a profit.
Tanner also emphasizes using social media platforms, particularly TikTok, for driving traffic and generating sales. He advocates for creating user-generated content and leveraging influencer partnerships to create authentic and engaging advertisements.

Overall, Tanner Planes has made a significant impact in the dropshipping industry by combining his entrepreneurial ventures with educational content to help others succeed in e-commerce.

Jordan Bown

Jordan Bown from the most successful dropshippers list at glitching ai

Jordan Bown, an entrepreneur who has made over $4 million through dropshipping, shares his journey and tips on YouTube. He always aspired to live a life that truly made him happy, but the traditional career path following college didn't appeal to him. Disliking the idea of working under someone else and craving freedom, he sought something more fulfilling.

Intrigued by the financial success of peers in dropshipping and marketing, Jordan decided to dive into the world of dropshipping.Despite initial setbacks, he persisted with his efforts. His perseverance paid off, and eventually, his dropshipping business flourished, turning into a highly successful venture. Now, he uses his experience to guide others who are looking to break free and achieve success in the dropshipping arena.

Arie Scherson

Dropshipping millionaire

Arie Scherson is the face behind Netsphere. He’s a well-known dropshipping entrepreneur. Arie and his biz partner Tyler have done over 7 figures in dropshipping and has over 130K YouTube subscribers.

About two years ago, he started a dropshipping store and took it to 6 figures while documenting the entire journey in his YouTube videos. He does however use his YouTube channel to promote his course but also has helpful videos on things like mindset hacks, how to find winning products and shares new strategies occasionally.

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4 Upcoming Dropshippers That Are Trying Their Hardest

Let's introduce you to the world's upcoming dropshippers and the origins of their online million-dollar businesses. Get to know them and learn how they are getting closer to the dream life.

James Beattie

James Beattie Upcoming Dropshipper

James Beattie is a smaller name in the dropshipping and e-commerce world, he’s especially known on YouTube. James carved out a niche for himself with content that dives into dropshipping, Shopify, and general online entrepreneurship.

On his YouTube channel, Beattie rolls out tutorials, case studies, and practical tips for anyone eager to launch their own dropshipping venture. He’s open about his own e-commerce wins and losses, offering up insights that his viewers find incredibly useful.

His videos span a range of essential topics, from hunting products and setting up shops to mastering Facebook ads and leveraging influencer marketing, all aimed at helping viewers grow their businesses. Known for his straightforward and actionable advice, Beattie breaks down tricky topics into easy-to-follow steps.

Beyond YouTube, Beattie stays connected with his community through various social media channels and enhances his reach by providing courses and personal mentoring programs designed to help budding entrepreneurs get their start online.

Andreas & Alexander: Pet Niche Powerhouses

Andreas & Alexander Upcoming Dropshipper

Andreas Koenig and Alexander Pecka, two nordic European dropshippers, started their journey in 2018. Their initial venture involved selling toothpaste dispensers online using Facebook ads, but this first attempt did not bring the success they had hoped for.

Following this, they tried their luck with a general store, which also failed to breakeven. However, it was their pivot to focusing on pet products that marked a turning point in their careers. By December 2020, their specialized pet product business was generating an impressive $500,000 monthly, amounting to $10 million annually.

Today, Andreas and Alexander continue to grow their enterprise and now manage a team of over 50 people to help run their stores. The key difference in their third, successful attempt was learning from their previous failures. They acknowledged that they had lacked a lot of marketing knowledge and had been too impatient in their earlier endeavors. This newfound understanding and adaptation were crucial in achieving their subsequent success.

Bryan Guerra

Upcoming dropshippers

Bryan Guerra is an entrepreneur, educator, and content creator known for his deep expertise in online business, digital marketing, and e-commerce. He has established a significant online presence through platforms like YouTube and Udemy, offering tutorials, courses, and insights into the nuances of building and expanding businesses on the internet.

Guerra's content often enters into dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing, attracting a following for his practical advice and clear, step-by-step guides. These resources are particularly helpful for beginners looking to understand the complexities of online entrepreneurship.

Beyond his videos and public posts, Guerra also creates detailed courses and educational materials. His teachings focus on actionable strategies and real-world applications, designed to equip learners with the skills needed to start and scale their businesses in today's digital landscape.

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Strategies used by the Most Successful Dropshippers in the World

Dropshipping millionaire

Niche Selection

You must choose the niche carefully through market research and investigating winning products. At Glitching, we use artificial intelligence to search for profitable products for dropships. Among many other features, Glitching AI will help you find profitable products and make successful Ads for marketing campaigns.

Marketing Techniques

A strong brand sets a company apart from its competitors and fosters a lasting relationship with its customers. When businesses pair exceptional customer service with a clearly defined brand, they lay the foundation for sustained success and growth. This combination not only attracts customers but also retains them, turning first-time buyers into loyal advocates.

You can use our AI Ad generator tool to create hundreds of script ideas for your ads at TikTok and Meta. Each is carefully made to engage customers and make them buy the product.

Customer Service & Branding

Customer service is essential to the success of any business, serving as the backbone of a strong brand by fostering trust and loyalty among customers. By delivering excellent customer service, companies can ensure customer satisfaction, crafting positive experiences that encourage repeat business and referrals. This, in turn, helps to build a loyal customer base.

Exceptional customer service is intrinsically linked with branding, which involves creating a distinct image and identity for a product or service in the consumer's mind. Together, these elements work to differentiate a business from its competitors, anchoring its reputation in the positive interactions and consistent value provided to customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Most Successful Dropshippers

-What is the key to success in dropshipping?

The key to success in dropshipping lies in identifying profitable niches, selecting high-demand products, optimizing your online store, and implementing effective marketing strategies. You can learn about all these steps and more resources in our Glitching AI dropshipping course.

-How can I become a successful dropshipper?

To succeed in dropshipping, thorough market research, selecting profitable products that appeal to your target audience, and investing in effective marketing strategies is essential. Additionally, persistence and adaptability are crucial traits for success in this field. It's also important to continually educate yourself about the dropshipping business, stay updated on new developments, and network with others who can support your journey.

Join our free Discord Community to strengthen your knowledge of dropshipping. Here, you can gain valuable tips & tricks, network, receive help, and much more within a large community dedicated to helping you enhance your business. This is an excellent resource for anyone looking to grow and succeed in the dynamic world of dropshipping.

-How can I increase my online store’s visibility?

SEO and social media marketing are powerful tools for boosting the visibility of your online store. Additionally, leveraging advertising platforms like TikTok and Meta can help you reach an even broader audience. Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog, where we'll dive deep into advertising on TikTok and Meta. We'll cover everything from how these platforms operate to the effective tools you can use to create impactful ads. This upcoming post is designed to provide you with all the insights you need to enhance your advertising strategies.

-How do successful dropshippers handle customer service?

Successful dropshippers prioritize excellent customer service, focusing on prompt and friendly communication, resolving issues quickly, offering hassle-free returns and refunds, and providing accurate product and shipping information. After you get your initial sales in, and have something going, it’s always helpful to hire a VA from the Philippines to help you with customer support.

-How can I find a profitable niche for dropshipping?

You can find a profitable niche for dropshipping by conducting thorough market research, analyzing market trends, and identifying gaps in the market. Tools like Meta Audience Insights and online marketplaces can also be useful in identifying potential niches.

How to Find Trending Products for Dropshipping?

If you want to find trending products for dropshipping you should take a deeper look at this guide. Here, we explained which are the best niches for dropship and their most profitable products to sell to online sellers. Now read that again.

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products?

The secret to a successful dropshipping store is in the products you choose to sell. Identifying top selling dropshipping products is the first step towards creating a profitable dropshipping business idea.

But how do you identify trending ecommerce products? Tools like Google Trends and Glitching AI make the task easier. These tools will provide in demand products you can start using ASAP to scale your ecom. Basically helping you make the most informed decisions, choose between competitive prices and nail your marketing campaigns.

However, to save you time and effort, we've already compiled a curated list of winning products with profitable margins for dropshipping in 2024. Check out our blog to quickly discover these products and set yourself up for dropshipping success.

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