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Here's the 10 Money-Making Modules Inside Glitching

Module 1: Glitching Introduction

In the introduction, we will be covering why AI Dropshipping is such a great way to get money online and how to differienciate yourself from the competitor. We will also show you how to connect Glitching to Shopify so you can get un unfair advantage.

Module 2: Product Selection

In this module, we will cover the most important part of Dropshipping which is how to find a winning product that you can scale. We also expose the product that we found and how we scaled it to $1000/day under 5 days.

Module 3: Store Setup

In this module, we will cover another important aspect of dropshipping which is how to design your website to make it look like a real brand. We will also show you guys the apps we use to convert more customers and also expose our $1000/day website that we scaled in just 5 days.

Module 4: Ad Creation

In this module, we will cover how to use AI to create converting ads that will generate you a lot of traffic and sales. We also show exactly how we edited our ads for the product that we scaled from $0 to $1000/day under 5 days.

Module 5: TikTok Ads

TikTok is one of the most used social media in the entire world. That's exactly why we'll show you exactly how to use it to it's full potential. On top of that, we will show you guys exactly how we scaled the product using our TikTok Strategies.

Module 6: TikTok Organic

Organic traffic is the best way to start making money, especially if you have no money. We'll show you exactly how to edit viral videos and the exact framework you need to follow to go viral again and again. We took Glitching Instagram page to 150,000 followers with just organic content, so we know what we're talking about.

Module 7: Facebook Ads

I've personally been doing Facebook Ads since 2018 so I know EVERYTHING about this platform. I am also currently using it to scale one of my brands to thousands of dollars per day. Facebook is still the king in the ad space so we'll show you guys exactly how we're using it to scale our websites.

Module 8: Fulfillment

A lot of people have problems dealing with Aliexpress and long shipping times. That's exactly why we give you guys access to Private Suppliers who cuts your prices by 30% and provide fast shipping to all the major countries. We also show you guys exactly how the whole fullfilment process works so you don't get scammed by sketchy suppliers.

Module 9: Email & SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing usually increases your website revenu by at least 20% which is MASSIVE. We will give you guys the best practices and apps to use in order to start getting a lot of revenue from these 2 sources.

Module 10: Customer Support

This part is often overlooked by a lot of people because it's not the shinny part of Dropshipping, but you NEED to have your backend in place in order to avoid chargebacks and getting your payment processing shut down. This is the silent killer that could destroy your entire business so we'll show you guys exactly how to deal with that.

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