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Dropship VS Glitching - Which Is Better For Dropshipping?

Today's article will provide an in-depth review of both dropshipping platforms, and try to pick out a winner.

Daniel Kozlov
17 minute read-July 21, 2023
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Finding Products

Finding the right products to sell is crucial in dropshipping. Dropship offers a product finder, but it can sometimes be a bit complex to navigate, especially for new dropshippers.

On the other hand, Glitching seems to have a more intuitive approach to product discovery. Their product finder is not only user-friendly but also efficient in unearthing high-quality products that are more likely to sell. This feature provides an added advantage for dropshippers, particularly those who are just starting and need a hand in product selection.

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Tracking Sales

A crucial tool for any dropshipper is a robust sales tracker. Monitoring your sales performance can provide invaluable insights to inform future business decisions.

Dropship has a well-rounded sales tracker that is highly customizable, giving users the freedom to track any store they want. This flexibility can be a boon for those who want granular control over their tracking parameters, accommodating even the most niche requirements.

In contrast, Glitching takes a more product-focused approach, allowing users to track products. While this might seem limiting, it offers a more focused overview of the product performance, which is particularly useful for dropshippers focused on individual product performance.

AI Marketing

In the age of digital marketing, the adoption of AI-powered tools can provide a significant edge. Glitching has certainly embraced this trend by offering a suite of AI-driven marketing features. From AI-designed product pages to AI-created meta ads, TikTok ads, and AI-driven audience insights, Glitching ensures its users are equipped to navigate the dynamic terrain of digital marketing effectively.

This AI-driven approach to marketing offers users targeted insights and automation, ultimately saving time and boosting the efficiency of their marketing efforts. Unfortunately, as of the time of writing, Dropship does not seem to offer any AI marketing tools. This may place them at a slight disadvantage in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Dropshipping Course

Education is the backbone of any successful venture. Both Dropship and Glitching offer courses to help users understand the ins and outs of dropshipping.

While Dropship provides basic course materials that help new dropshippers understand the business model, Glitching seems to go a step further. Their courses dive more in-depth, not just covering the basics but also offering advanced lessons. These can equip users with a comprehensive understanding of dropshipping, including best practices and strategies for scaling their business.

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In conclusion, while Dropship shines with its customizable sales tracker, Glitching seems to take the edge overall. Their focus on intuitive product finding, AI-driven marketing, and in-depth course offerings make them a formidable tool for both new and experienced dropshippers. However, as with any tool, the choice between Dropship and Glitching ultimately depends on your specific needs and business objectives. Happy dropshipping!

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